Trained for Tears?

After talking about the Tiger Woods incident in our public relations class on Monday, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I would do to fix current entertainment PR crises. As the class talked about both the Dixie Chicks and Tiger Woods, Dr. Lemack asked us what we thought should have been done differently or could be done in the future to salvage the reputations of these individuals. It’s a tough question. I mean, Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with…how many women? Prior to the class, we were asked to read a group of articles about Woods. Here is a list of actions one colmnist thinks could help Woods rebuild his online image. There are some good ideas on the list, but reading it led me to another question: Is there really a formula for rebuilding an image? Probably not, but it’s nice to think there could be.

This leads me to another notorious, male celebrity–Chris Brown. For over a year, the world has been following updates about the Brown and Rihanna scandal. His career took a huge hit when his violent nature was found out, and rightfully so. Brown is further along in his journey to rebuild his career, and here is a more humorous list of actions that another columnist thinks could help him rebuild his overall image.

Did you watch the BET Awards on Sunday or hear about Brown’s Michael Jackson tribute performance? To be fair, I got chills the first time I saw it. He’s very talented. However, skip to the end of the video, and you’ll see Brown crying–no, bawling–while trying to cover Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. He doesn’t make it through a full line of the song and falls to his knees at one point, which cues Jackson’s version to start playing. Maybe the emotional atmosphere or lyrics really got to him…or maybe the tears were planned. On Monday, Dr. Lemack talked to our class about how there are public relations professionals who teach celebrities how to act or project a certain emotion in public. So, were the tears a publicity stunt? They were convincing and earned media attention that has won some sympathy. Smart move, Chris Brown. Watch the video below (tears start at 4:35).


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