What’s so great about Venice?

The answer is EVERYTHING. Absolutely everything is great about Venice. This past weekend, Abby, Cameron, Jeff, Caroline, Matt and I headed to over to Venice with a beach day in mind, but when we discovered just how much there is to do and see there, we didn’t spend much time laying on the beach at all…

It is the perfect place to people watch, shop, eat and be in the sun all at once. Both downtown Venice and the Venice Boardwalk have a very artistic and creative feel to them and are great places to see street performers or talk to local artists. The best part isn’t even the palm trees, the skate park, or the amount of places that sell ice cream either, it is the outdoor gym that exists alongside all of this, known as Muscle Beach. Started in the 1930s, it is used today by both celebrities and residents of Venice who want to work on their suntans and fitness while enjoying the ocean breeze from the Pacific!

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I thought I had found my favorite spot last weekend at Point Dume in Malibu, but after experiencing all that Venice has to offer, from Van Gogh inspired walls to unlimited sunglasses retailers, I might have to rethink this one.

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