California Dreamin

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a roadtrip up to San Fransisco to visit a friend from back home.  During the 6 hours of driving (each way) I was able to see California in a whole new light.  Living in L.A. we have been exposed to an urban lifestyle where man has come in an taken over.  Driving along Interstate 5 for a few hours I saw the natural world of California without human interference.  Being from Connecticut originally, there were some new sights that I had never seen before.  We have “mountains” back home but the only other time I remember driving through mountain paths and following a road that wound in unison with the mountain was 6 summers ago in Peru on the Andes mountains.  the natural landscape here was beautiful and helped take away some of the stresses of fast paced city life.  About 90 minutes out of L.A. The landscape suddenly took me from a mountain path to a straightshot amongst fields and fields as far as the eye could see (also a new experience in comparison to Connecticut).  Along the way I saw my first “wildfire.”  It was small and the fire department had it contained, but it was still surprising, and somewhat exciting to see the life of the fire as it burned across the dead grass.  Well before too long I found myself on the outskirts of San Francisco at 2 a.m. where I spent the night.

I can’t say much about the city itself because I really didn’t spend a ton of time in it, but from the things I did see I was very pleased.  I went to a baseball game where the Boston Red Sox beat the San Francisco Giants (as a sox fan I was pleased).

After the game I took the train back to the apartment where I got to hang out and catch up with a friend from home.  The next day before leaving I went to the Golden Gate Bridge (it’s always been a dream of mine to see it) on a foggy day.  It was amazing to think about the architects and all of the people who had to build such an enormous structure.  I climbed a nearby mountain to get photos and was just in awe as I looked out through the fog over the bridge and the city.

There was also a WWII bunker located on that mountain which I explored a little before leaving for home.

On the drive back I got to witness more of the mountains and fields in daylight and it was even more breathtaking than before.  Despite the USA losing in the world cup, and getting lost on a mountain pass looking for gasoline, all in all it was a great weekend of sightseeing.


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