New Hobby: Being surrounded by 13 year old members of Team Jacob at midnight.

So, I went to the midnight premiere of Eclipse, you know, that Twilight movie that preteens have been awaiting expectantly for what feels like decades.  It was my first midnight premiere ever, and it went a little something like this:

  • The gang, being Laura, Alex, Caroline, Clint, and myself, left early and hit up the 7-11 for some snacks.
  • We showed up at the theater.
  • Correction, we showed up at the wrong theater, and then panicked and drove to the correct one.
  • We picked up our pre-ordered tickets, and then were escorted to a line on the side of the building.
  • Time passed.
  • A lot of time passed.
  • An absurd amount of waiting occurred, while they corralled us all on to a sketchy and entirely foul smelling alley.
  • Security guards literally wandered the  premises with walkie talkies.
  • Finally at 11:40 they let us in, and people started throwing elbows and boxing each other out vying for position.
  • We got stellar seats, and more snacks from the concession stand.
  • And then we saw some fantastic previews, including the likes of Harry Potter and Paranormal Activity.  Actually, during the Paranormal Activity, I got so scared that I jumped, careening my head directly into Laura’s head, leaving me with a mild concussion.
  • Then we saw Eclipse, which speaks for itself.

And so that’s it…

  • Actually, just kidding, the story ends with me sleeping through three alarms, and showing up 20 minutes late for work.  Well worth it, I would say.



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