I put two dollars in a parking meter on Cahuenga the other day and the meter only read 1 hour. Two dollars an hour. I looked up and down the street and noticed that there were 7 meters on each side of the street, 14 total. From Sunset Blvd to Inglewood, Cahuenga crosses over 35 major boulevards, not counting the hundreds of sidestreets on the way. This means there are essentially 35 blocks with 14 parking meters on each block, 490 parking meters. Cahuenga Blvd travels north and south and there are around 40 more streets that go in the same direction, making the estimate of parking meters in the Los Angeles metro area equal 19,600. If they all cost the same amount as that the meter I used, LA parking meters make around $313,000 a day in a 9-5 work day, just for being there. In a normal work year of 260 days, the meters can make $81,380,000, and that’s only if they aren’t used on the weekends. I wonder who collects this money and what purpose does it serve? If it just goes towards keeping the meters up and running, why not just get rid of them all and save everyone a lot of time and money. Not carrying change everywhere would be kind of nice, too.


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