Is PR Turning Me Into a Cynic?

I have a propensity to believe in conspiracy theories. I’m not likely to come up with them on my own, or even consider the possibility, until the seed of doubt has been placed in my brain. For a very trusting person, I’m quick to turn my back on major institutions of our society.

The CIA helped fund a genocide in Guatemala during the 80s? Not surprised.

Anyone remember being friends with Saddam Hussein? And then turning on him? And who can forget “Weapons of Mass Destruction?”

Let’s just say, the list goes on and on. More often than not, if you think the government or a major corporation is doing something shady, they are.

What if the same goes for our beloved Hollywood stars? After beginning our case study on Tiger Woods, we began speculating what we would have done if he had been our client in light of all the bad press. The first thing that came to my mind was “throw The Masters.” If he totally fails at The Masters, then it elicits a lot of emotion from the audience: “he must be really upset, his game’s all off,” “Well, I guess that’s karma for him,” and most importantly from a PR perspective “Woah. Poor Tiger.” And almost immediately, a terrible public image has been nearly reversed.

I obviously have no idea if Tiger’s poor performance was planned or really just a bad tournament for him, but now that the idea has formed in my brain, I’ll never look at celebrities the same way.

Going off of Evann’s post: As soon as I saw the clip from the BET awards with Chris Brown hysterically crying I thought to myself “it’s a publicity stunt, and it’s working.” Celebrities interviewed after the waterworks performance all commented on how they felt bad for Brown, how he had been through a lot. I wonder what Rihanna would have to say about that.

Now it seems I’m not the only one speculating:


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