By now, everyone has heard about the scandalous affairs of Tiger Woods. He cheated several times on his wife and is now facing an expensive divorce and potentially the loss of custody of his children.  So as public relations students we are faced with the challenge of how to handle this now that it has happened.  Does Tiger focus on his career or his family? How do we show to the public that our once poster-boy who could do not wrong is back on track? In our previous class we discussed that his recent loss in the tournament could have been a PR stunt meant to show the public that he truly is remorseful and unable to focus on the thing that he is great at because his mind is on his family.

What I’m most curious to learn about in the coming month of PR class is how do you get to that point in making that decision. What are the tactics that a publicist uses to really be able to make the “right” decision when it comes to saving your client’s dignity and career?  These are things that I’ve begun to learn and hope to truly understand by the end of this semester.

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