Extreme Makeover: Life Edition

Lauren Ludlow, David James, and I work at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition as one of the many different internships we have collectively.  During our lunch breaks we’ve had some, what I suppose you could call, “life talks.” Reading the bios of families who’ve gotten approved to be on the show is both heartbreaking and inspiring, which got us talking about…well, life.

As an acting student, I constantly try and challenge myself to live in the moment – “be present” wherever I am – whether it’s in class or in everyday life.  It’s hard, most of the time, for me at least.  I live in my head (and in my body, I suppose, quite literally).  Going off of this, a few of us went to Giorgio Sergio’s art opening last Saturday at a gallery that Emily Tryon interns for.  Gazing up at the walls, I could see a joy, an optimism that an artist intrinsically had and how it translated into his artwork.  It was very refreshing.  One piece in particular, strewn with various playful, colorful circles, beheld the following words: “I’ve never been here before”.  After asking Giorgio what he had been thinking about while he created the piece, the artist simply stated, “I was reminded of the way we wake up every morning.  I get up, and there’s this feeling of ‘I’ve never been here before.’  There’s some sort of gift in it.”

Connecting my stories(!)…  There’s a gift in being here. David brought up at lunch last week that “We may never get across that street to get back to our internships.”  True.  I mean, an atomic bomb could virtually wipe us out at any minute.  (Now? Nope. Good. On I write.) There’s a gift in being able to lose virtually everything while still being able to give back to your community and have a positive impact on complete strangers, as most of the families on EMHE have done. There’s a gift in being able to live in the moment, and there’s a gift in waking up and being able to say “I’ve never been here before”.

“…there is a place in which you can enter, a place made of magnificence, a place made of silence and colors, a place from which you can look into your face and discover that it was the infinity” – Giorgio Sergio

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