Road Trip

Normally, I am not one for car trips. Bring almost 7 feet tall can do that to you. Cramped up in a tiny car for any extended amounts of time quite literally sucks. So the other day when a few of us wanted to just drive somewhere and stop, I was the first to figure out exactly how long it would take us. Naturally.

Wow, am I glad that I took this trip. First, it doesnt get more fun driving down the 101, windows down listening to remixes of MGMT and Kid Cudi with Matt Smith as your navigator all while trying to avoid the onslaught of traffic that you can see no more the 1/2 mile ahead of you. Then when we drove the topanga canyon, it was like being in a movie. Surrounded by these vast mountains at about 25 mph was one of the most peacful driv es I have had in a long time. Finlly, reaching our destination at Topanga beach, the road literally stops at the ocean. One of the best views anyone could ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

After this fun filed adventure, we decided on being evn more adventurous when finding our destination for dinner. “Where do you guys want to go?” I asked. Immiediatly Laura says “Lets just go that way.” We drove up the 1 all the way to Malibu before stopping for dinner, but damn was it worth it. Where we ate had this amazing balcony that we were able to eat on and overlook the ocean.

Overall what this trip did for me was make me realize just what exactly all California has to offer in beauty. Lets just say, the next time we plan a road trip, I’ll be the first to sign up.


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