Spontaneity in LA.

When I got on the plane from Orlando to Los Angeles 4 weeks ago, I made a promise to myself. The promise was that I was going to make this summer the best summer of my life, and that to fully execute that plan I would have to be up for just about anything. Well, I made that promise without actually knowing what that could entail…
The Dodger’s game: Hey, I’m not that into watching baseball, but it sounds like fun! Riding the bull at Saddle Ranch: That’s a form of exercise right? Micmac: Well, are there at least subtitles? (It was a great movie; I strongly recommend you see it) Rock Climbing: Sure, why not?! EDC: What even is that? …Well it didn’t really matter what it was because I was going. Yes, I went to the biggest electronic dance festival (outside of Europe, of course) last weekend with some friends from the trip. The Electric Daisy Carnival. I wish I could say that the name says it all, but it was so much more than a measly 3 word title. When asked to explain it to some of my friends back home, I realized I couldn’t really. “Uhh… hmm… well, there are over 90,000 people in the USC Coliseum, and everyone is dressed in crazy fluorescent outfits with lots of bracelets and oh yeah, everyone is dancing to awesome techno music!” Looking back on this giant festival/carnival/party/overall experience all I can do is smile. I was with some of the coolest kids I know dancing for 8 hours straight. Sure it was exhausting and yes, a bit frightening at times, but totally worth it! EDC LA 2011! Who’s with me?!
This video will give you a better description


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