The Warped Electric Daisy Carnival Tour Weekend Extravaganz

So it’s a week late, but since I assumed everyone would be blogging about their 4th of July weekend, I figured I would let everyone know about an epic weekend of musical madness that I had the good fortune to experience.

It all began on Friday with 4 absurdly unprepared college students walking into one of the biggest raves on the west coast, a little gathering called the Electric Daisy Carnival. Here’s the general idea: six stages, tens of thousands of people dressed in the most absurd outfits I’ve ever seen (stilts, tutus, and KISS makeup are a few examples), some of the top techno DJ’s in the world,  and all of this is in the ridiculously huge LA Coliseum. So it was pretty crazy. I’m not sure I can even explain how crazy this place was and how horribly out of place we were so just check out this EDC 2010 commercial below.

So then after spending my Saturday afternoon recovering on the beach in Malibu from 8 hours of dancing at EDC, I took it easy for the night and woke up the next day for the warped tour. No for those of you who know me you may be asking yourself, now why would Tyler be going to Warped Tour? And furthermore, wasn’t he afraid to scuff hid boat shoes in the mosh pit? First of all, if you haven’t been to the Warped Tour in a couple of years I should let you know that it’s 90% pop punk bands playing to hundreds of screaming 13 year old girls. ALSO the tickets were FREE from work so that I could take pictures of the bands Hey Monday and Never Shout Never and the Kia Soul Lounge. To make a long story short, I ended up getting two press passes and two tickets for free so Matt Smith and I took the two press passes and Megan Reeves and Laura Dorado took the tickets. Anyway, if you’ve never had press passes at a concert before it’s awesome. Going back stage, getting free stuff, meeting the bands…it’s pretty great. We got to get up right in that area in front of the stage and anywhere backstage that we wanted, except at Sum 41 because security there sucked. But taking pictures for work was an interesting experience because even though I only had to have 15 pictures when I came in on Tuesday, I took around 1000. It was also pretty interesting because as I was taking pictures I had to always keep in mind that I needed to frame the Kia logo in the background.

I think I made that post too long so I guess I’ll cut it off now and leave you with some photos from Warped Tour!

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