Tiger in the Woods

I think that the Tiger Woods scandal is the perfect public relations example of what not to do.  His scandal just snowballed into an absurd pile of problem after unresolved problem.  The key in that situation was management, then action.  It seems like no one took a breather to just sit down, organize the issues, and then handle them appropriately.  He and and all his public relations “experts” just kept digging him deeper and deeper into a hole that he definitely will never totally come out of.  This is also a good example of the value of a good, honest apology. And if not totally honest, at least honest SOUNDING.  Tiger did not handle this situation well at all, it is just sad.  I think that he definitely needs to stay under the radar for a while, and eventually resurface as a family man or something that will help his image.  And any more mistresses are a big NO.

Tiger’s first mistake was just ignoring the issue for so long.  It just made the public even more curious about what was going on and more willing to dig deeper into that part of his life.  At least for the women that is.  Men seem to still stand by Tiger for his professional skills, while women are overtaken by his disgusting infidelity.

It is definitely possible that him losing the Masters was a publicity stunt, at least according to some.  It is probably a good move on his part if this is in fact true, he could use some sympathy these days.

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