When Public Relations Fails…

The public was shocked to find out that the golden boy Tiger Woods was cheating on his wife…with several women. For so long, his image was protected and admired, but quickly came tumbling down as one after one, women began to claim that he had cheated on his wife with them. For a while there, all anyone could talk about was Tiger and his cheating ways, whose silence only added fuel to the fire. What I’m sure his publicists thought would die down only got larger, and soon whenever people googled Tiger Woods page after page that came up had to do with the scandal. So by the time Tiger finally publicly apologized MONTHS later, people were not to quick to believe him and with good reason. At least for his sake, now when you google him the first page are all about his golfing career.

But sometimes when celebrities fall out of favor with the public, the PR team does not help the situation enough and sometime you can see straight through a publicity stunt. For example, Chris Brown crying during his tribute to Michael Jackson (he’s so sensitive…), etc. Do you really think that’s going to make the public believe he’s a better person? PR is a crutch for people in the public eye and when it gives out, the public image is tainted.


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