Here’s my moment of zen…

I’ve always heard people talk about places that they go to just get away from it all. Their place of zen, if you will.  Well up until now I’ve always had music instead of that one place. California has finally given me my location for relaxation: Runyon Canyon.

The 160-acre park gives me my perfect workout, a run all the way from Muholland Drive down to Fuller Avenue off of Hollywood Blvd.  I’m so used to running in neighborhoods and on straight pavement roads, but this place gives me a great view to go along with the soundtrack from my iPod and a little less pavement with a little more dirt road.  After I reach the bottom I then have a decision to make, a long, winding and tough walk back up to the top or to take the “shortcut” which is actually more engaging for your muscles as it is literally stairs up a mountain. Either way you are guaranteed to get a great cardio and leg work out.

But this awesome workout is not by any means the only reason for my love of this place. The view is breathtaking.  When you reach the top again, known as Indian Rock at an elevation of 1,320 ft., and you’re feeling great from the endorphins racing through your body, you turn around and you can literally see for miles and miles of this great city.  It’s amazing to see just how huge Los Angeles is and all the diversity of it, from being at the top of this great place down to the city and then to Santa Monica Blvd., which leads right to the beach.  I could, and have, spent hours just sitting at the top taking it all in.  If you haven’t had the chance to at least stop by and just see the view for yourself, then I would definitely recommend it.  If not, here are some pictures of my own.

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