Battles Are Fought In the Boardroom

Although our class dynamic is a bit bizarre at times, we have found a way to cohesively work together. There are students that are a bit more out spoken such as myself and then there are those that don’t. Professor Lemack has stressed the concept the class is it’s own PR problem solving team. During class on Monday I began to understand the process of crisis management from a group standpoint. I found myself mesmerized by how the ideas would develop off one another. For instance we talked about the Tiger Woods fiasco and him playing in the Masters following the incident. From a PR standpoint we talked about if that was the right thing to do which lead into a conversation about loosing on purpose might have gained him some sympathy from critics. Everyone has an opinion on the various situations but I find it interesting how united we think or at least respect each other’s opinions.

The class went more in-depth with the Dixie Chick documentary and picked it apart from a PR standpoint. People had so much to say on the issue and it was a bit overwhelming at times with all the hands going up. Again, our very opinionated class found ways to stretch different resolutions for the questions being thrown out. I think it’s funny to watch Lemack while the class is talking as he keeps quite anticipating where the conversations might go. Out of nowhere he’ll make a comment to fuel the fire and then goes right back to being quite.  He is like Scar from the Lion King when he throws the antelope leg to the hyenas. I’m not calling our class a pack of hyenas but we’re eager to feast on the questions thrown our way.


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