Do your remember the time…

Does anyone remember a time before Lindsey Lohan was a raving drug addict, that couldn’t land a job….  I do.  She was our generation’s American sweetheart, starring in movies from the Parent Trap to Mean Girls. Then the formally redheaded beauty took a journey down the rabbit hole that lead her from this to that.Lindsay turned into a regular old Amy Winehouse…. Her drug abuse led her to her current situation. After many court ordered rehabs and probation periods gone awry a judge ruled today that she face 90 days in jail. On July 20th, she’ll be joining the ranks of Martha Stewart, T.I,  Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell, and Nicole Ritchie as stars who were not all too above the law. Here’s a link to the judge’s verdict in court.  I hope she’ll be able to bounce back like her former friends Paris and Nicole, and if Amy can bounce back, anyone can! All I can say is bless her heart… those tears in our court got her no where.

P.s I’m so curious as to what she and her lawyer were whispering about.

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