So, I haven’t been posting the correct way, which is why my three blog posts are compiled into this one post. Sorry about that. But enjoy!

LA!!! My first week here has been challenging, funny, exciting, scary, and amazing all at the same time. Basically, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m moving here after college. I love it here. The first week, my roommates and I couldn’t help but dive right in. We went to Santa Monica, Universal City, Hollywood Blvd, etc.

We still have SO much to do, though! But I guess we have time. My internship has been really fun. I’m interning with a talent management company which has allowed me to see the business side of acting. My boss is so helpful and is trying to help me learn as much as possible by doing many different things. Obviously attending open call auditions and meetings are important and have been really rewarding. I’ve also gotten the opportunity of attending the plays and showcases of the clients if they are involved in anything. The other night I went to the “Himmelstein Pop Academy” showcase. The kids performing mostly ranged between the ages of 6 and 16… and they were all so talented! I was blown away.

Last night we went to see the set of “Honey 2,” because Seychelle Gabriel, a client of the company is in the movie. It was so awesome to be part of the action and watch a movie being filmed. The “Behind The Scenes” part of the movie was being filmed – which is added to the DVD. My boss, his friend, and the other intern and I made a debut in that part. Seychelle introduced us as her “agents and managers.” It was fun. Later in the week I am visiting the sets of “Weeds” which I’m really excited about!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxbHooiZRGE — Everyone, go see her as “Princess Yue” in The Last Airbender! 🙂


The next few weeks have been STELLAR! I can really feel myself learning and growing more each day – thanks to the awesome, talented people I’m surrounded by, as well as awesome teachers. Besides living, learning, and interning, I’m doing extra little activities on the side. As Lexi already mentioned, we went to E! Entertainment the other day to visit the set. We met all of the anchors; they were extremely down to earth and nice. Ashlan Gorse was completely inspiring – she talked with us about how she grew up in North Carolina and came out to LA right after college, and hasn’t been back since. She created opportunities for herself – even if they weren’t there to begin with.


4th of July was rad. I went to Laguna Beach with my friend Kristi. The only reason I went though was because I heard the stars of the show were going to be there (embarrassing but I’m a huge fan). The closest I got to them though was seeing their huge mansions, which was fun. I got really close to finding Dieter, but sadly, we would have had to go through a scary cave in order to get to his beach. I was willing to go, but I just felt like it would be borderline creepy. Instead, I met Louis C.K. later at dinner. He was hilarious!

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