Macrobiwhat? Can you use that in a sentence please?

“What the hell is macrobiotics?” I asked myself when I first heard of the “M Café: A Contemporary Macrobiotics Cuisine.” I had never heard of the word before, and it sounded a little too clinical to be appealing.  Upon closer examination, it turns out that Macrobiotics is more of a lifestyle than a form of cuisine.  It stresses the importance of whole, natural foods eaten in season, and as minimally processed as possible.  It sounds simple, almost like common sense.  I was definitely interested, and after going through their online menu and photo gallery, eating at the M Café immediately jumped to the top of my priority list.

After a nearly torturous 2 weeks, the heavens came through and on Monday evening at 5:23 PM, I stepped off of Melrose Avenue and into the glorious world of the M Café. The hardwood floors were accented by alternating walls of white and khaki, all of which cleanly pointed to a spotless display case full of otherworldly treasures.  If going to the M Café was the best choice that I made all day, the second best was going with friends who love to share their food.  It was like the last supper; we left nothing untouched.  I am still unable to describe the fresh blend of flavors that passed through my mouth and I forced myself to chew as slowly as possible, which if you know me, is quite a feat.

The third best choice that I made that day was to get dessert, and I, obviously, highly recommend it. I will certainly be recreating this pilgrimage as often as possible.


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