PR is Entertaining with Brad Lemack

His systematical style of teaching has put smiles on our faces and knowledge in our brains. Brad Lemack is the Public Relations of Entertainment professor and possibly the Dos Equis most interesting man on earth. He has been a entertainment publicist and talent manager for what he refers to be a “very, very long time.” As a pioneer of the industry, he fits perfectly into the Elon style of teaching with extremely witty and charismatic personality. He reminds me of Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm with his one-liners and continually making the clam, “we’re a tough crowd to please.”

At first I wasn’t sure what to make of Lemack as he cracked jokes throughout orientation but I quickly realized his humor doesn’t cloud his wisdom. During our first class he fielded every question with a unique but forward answer. Lemack finds ways to take complex ideas and break them down into basic understandings. I had no idea about the entirety of the Dixie Chicks fiasco and from that I learned Tiger Woods has the possibility to be great again. Maybe? Lemack either has an answer for everything or he is very good at pretending like he does which makes his class even more appealing from a PR standpoint. If I have learned anything from the few classes we’ve had, it’s been that public relations is in charge of creating a general image and keeping it interesting. This concept has helped me understand the fundamentals and will hopefully make me a better PR practitioner.  It is unclear if Lemack uses Jedi focus or he simply is that engaging.  Whatever the case maybe, one thing is for certain; I am learning and enjoying it.

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