The Fame Game

I’ve already blogged about two of my three guilty pleasures—ice cream and cupcakes. What’s the third? The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Go ahead and judge, but it’s completely addicting. If you don’t follow the show, there was an argument of epic proportions on last night’s episode between last season’s bachelor (Jake) and the woman he chose (Vienna). Whether you care about reality television or not, there’s a lot to be learned about publicity, paparazzi, and the desire to be in the public eye from contestants like Jake and Vienna. These are all topics we discussed yesterday in our Public Relations class.

Basically, Jake is a 31-year-old, conservative pilot from Texas who is, well, boring. Vienna is a 23-year-old, naïve woman from Florida who has been slammed by the tabloids for her trashy past. Most everyone who watches the Bachelor was surprised that Jake chose Vienna to begin with, and no one expected them to last. Last night, less than 6 months after the finale taping, Jake and Vienna appeared on TV to hash out the details of their breakup. One of the major factors leading to their split was that Vienna recently sold intimate details about their relationship to Star magazine for many thousands of dollars (see magazine cover below). According to Jake, she “sold him out.” While the details of the breakup are ridiculous, some of the comments made during the interview say a lot about how reality TV “stars” react to getting famous in a short period of time for doing almost nothing. How are they supposed to maintain popularity that is based on a reality TV show? Create drama. Here are some quotes from last night’s argument:

Vienna: “Either way, our relationship had been public. The world was going to want to know what happened . . . I hadn’t had a voice this entire time.”

Jake: “I’m so mad at you. I’m disgusted with you.”

Vienna: “You are a fame whore is what you are.”

Doesn’t selling details about your relationship with your fiancé to a tabloid count as being a fame whore, as well?

Vienna: “I called you and broke up with you over the phone.”

Jake: “She’s like a tabloid. You get 40 percent of the truth.”

Who can really say what percentage of a tabloid is the truth? At least he understands the absurdity of the system.

Vienna: “During Dancing with the Stars he didn’t even acknowledge me. He would come home and use Twitter.”

I like Twitter, too, but one of two things is going on here. Jake is either spending too much time promoting his acting career, or Vienna is crazy. Really, how much time can you really spend tweeting?

I was on Jake’s side until I saw this interview. Now, I don’t really know who to believe, but I’m not losing sleep over it. I simply find it interesting how much these two are accusing each other of being “publicity whores.” In the end, they’re both right. Enjoy your 15 seconds of fame.


2 thoughts on “The Fame Game

  1. I’m not sure I would call Vienna “naive”…regardless WHOA that was sloppy. Sorry bout it Jake and Vienna…FAIL.

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