Under Pressure… When the Levees Broke… Again

Our normally very accommodating apartment complex, tucked neatly into the hillside with a great view of the city has had quite the “situation” this past weekend.  Last Thursday evening, Nneka and I arrived home to some very unsightly congestion, the source of which was yet to be revealed. Later that evening, a group of us were returning from a late showing of The Twilight Saga’s Eclipse ( yes Eclipse!) and had to be redirected through the complex because a portion of it was blocked off to cars by fire trucks and utility vans.  There was some sort of water main issue in the complex that was the source of the chaos. In our apartment we discovered there was no running water and after contacting other students in the program realized the entire complex was without water. It turned out a pipe had burst and the whole first floor of the apartment next mine was flooded with water up to people’s ankles.  The complex put porta potties outside of the clubhouses to accommodate residents without water. Luckily the water wasn’t out longer than two days to most occupants of the complex.

Here’s some footage from the local news on the incident.


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