Wild and Crazy Adventures- Still Stumblin’ on the 4th of July

I would like to start this blog by emphasizing the point that I love this country and anything/ everything real American. Sometimes I fall asleep at night to the thought of myself standing in front of massive American flag eating a slice of apple pie with a bald eagle named Freedom perched on my shoulder. Needless to say the 4th of July is my favorite day of the year and continuing with my California “stumbleupon.com” lifestyle this was easily the best 4th of my life.

With no clue of what I was doing for the 4th I randomly ended up with “Big Philly” road tripping with people to Malibu. As we enjoyed drinks and dinner over looking surfers in the sunset, I knew had to enjoy the day of red, white, and blue with my feet in the sand. Manhattan Beach was our destination but didn’t turn out to be our final location. Keeping in the stumbling fashion I some how ended up in Hermosa, one beach over, completely surround by thousands of people running around in stars and strips letting freedom ring. SoOoO American!

We strolled up and down the boardwalk soaking in the rays memorized by the gorgeous beachfront houses filled with patriotic themed cookouts and parties. At one point we saw a motorcycle handlebar blender equipped with a motor. (Take a minute and think how absurd that is…) If that doesn’t scream liberty I don’t know what does. The day continued with lunch at a rooftop bar overlooking the beach celebration of our countries independence. Randomly a flash mob erupted beneath us as a heavy metal band played something awesome on enormous American Flag float. Several $10 “Blue” drinks later, a competitive game of beach tennis unfolded. For those, like myself, having never heard of beach tennis, it’s tennis on a beach. Comparable to the original colonies against the red coats in the revolutionary war, Jeff Thurm and I were true Americans, victorious.

Whenever the day finally comes that I bite the dust, probably from a random hang gliding accident, I envision heaven to be the 4th July at Hermosa Beach.  California still finds ways to amaze me and I can’t wait to “stumble upon” my next adventure because there is no telling what the next click will bring.



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