The Laundry Room

I have never had to pay money to do my laundry. In fact, doing laundry in a public room is foreign territory to me. I have watched others haul their laundry to a room full of multiple washers and dryers and have dreaded the day I would be doing the same thing. You may wonder how this is possible considering I am sophomore in college, but see, I had the great fortune of living in the Danieley Center last year and my suite had free laundry. I often did my laundry in multiple loads and took for granted how lucky I was.

It took four weeks in Los Angeles to gather up the courage to go to the laundry room (and also for me to run out of clothing – yes, I packed that much). The experience was harsh. I quickly learned three dollars for one load, wash and dry, meant my delicates, work out clothing, and day-to-day clothes were going in one machine unless I wanted to spend a lot. I also faced the reality I couldn’t really hand wash or air dry anything. During this joyous experience in the laundry room,  I encountered all the dryers were full when I needed to switch loads. I was puzzled – What was I going to do with my wet clothes? Apparently my facial expression showed my confusion and a man doing his laundry simply told me to take it out. I felt awkward and strange taking a stranger’s things and placing them on a dirty-looking counter. I crossed my fingers they would not be upset. Luckily they did not and everything was fine. I spent around 10 dollars and probably won’t do my laundry again until August. Spending additional money to wash clothing I already paid for is a sad reality.

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