“And the camera caught it all” – TFT

Reason number 239048293048 why I love my internship. It all started when I arrived at BOXeight Studio in a sketchy part of downtown LA (I think). I arrived at 10, outrageously early. As a result, I decided to drive around a bit. Coolest thing I saw while dilly-dallying around LA: the building that ships out Forever 21 clothing to online shoppers. What a dream. I resisted myself from pulling into the parking lot, running in the building and taking all of the precious clothing that I could. Eventually I went back to BOXeight and after circling the premises approximately 7 times to find parking that lasted more than an hour. With nothing in sight, I retreated to the side of the street and hoped for the best. At first, I entered the wrong part of the studio and was overwhelmed by snotty, gorgeous girls and a dog. When I finally got to the correct part of the studio, I met Adam, the photographer. Eventually the band, There For Tomorrow, showed up and I chatted with them for a bit until Melissa arrived. It was super cool watching the shoot and Adam Elmakias work.

Here is a picture of Adam working with the guys:


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