Casual Earthquake

It’s around 4:50 p.m.

As my coffee from  about an hour ago is wearing off and the evening sets it, I can feel the day weighing on me. It’s weighing on me so much I feel like I’m swaying under the pressure.

Oh wait… It’s not just me. I look up at my co-workers around me. One of them casually utters, “Feels like a 4 or 5.”

It was so surreal as the entire room swayed. The last earthquake I experienced was in 2003 when a Tennessee quake caused quite a 6 a.m. ruckus miles away in Atlanta, GA.

About two mintues later, someone from across the room: “It was a 5.9

My co-worker next to smiles. “See, what did I say?”

Is it ironic that I was reading about “chaos theory” when this happened? Just another day in Los Angeles I suppose!


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