“How do you want your name in the credits?”

I got to do something REALLY cool this week: I worked on the crew of a video shoot that would play as a 3-minute comedy sketch during ESPN’s ESPY Awards show next Wednesday. The best part was that it was a huge production, so I could see every single part of a professional shoot operate independently. Gaffers, cameramen, art directors, prop guys, cord wranglers, food caterers… literally it all. I was able to see a new style of directing, and the challenges of keeping an entire crew energized for 7 hours. I was able to learn so much, from how to assemble a giant diffusion curtain meant for diffusing sunlight to the importance of being flexible and working together with many, many people. And it didn’t hurt that the talent for the skit was made up of Emmy-winners Seth Myers (SNL), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), and Jack McBrayer (30 Rock). Too cool.

By participation in the production consisted of three basic tasks: throwing the golf balls when they needed a shot of a ball flying into the woods, acting as Jon Hamm’s stand-in, and holding props. So at the end of the shoot, when they asked me, “How do you want your name in the credits?”, I asked for either “Jon Hamm’s stand-in” or simply “Crew.” It seemed better than “Ball grabber.”

So watch the ESPY Awards next Wednesday, July 14. You’ll see the video and me throwing golf balls around a course. Hopefully they spell my name right.


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