I’m watching you…

Attention getter, am I right? Now, I may sound like your typical stalker (I’m kidding. Or am I…) but it’s really hard for me to watch people. Or, rather, stare at them. I often feel awkward or rude while doing so. What’s that? That’s normal? Good. I’ll feel awesome about saying this then: I’ve been watching people during lunch. Don’t worry, I have a legitimate excuse (I think). I work across the street from a wonderful Farmers Market, and one day a co-worker told me to watch people. “They’re really interesting.” Going off of this mind-blowing statement, I started to watch people whilst I ate my mid-day meal, and I have to say…I don’t really know if I’m the best “people-watcher”. Perhaps I’m just expecting to catch Bruce Wayne undress and become Batman. Or something. However, I can gurantee that it’s pretty interesting, especially while sitting in the middle of LA’s most crowded lunch spot and drinking what might be the most delightful ice blended mocha coffee to boot. My recommendation? Watch some people. You may be pleasantly surprised (or horribly terrified, either way it’ll probably be somewhat entertaining). Isn’t that what we’re all here to do anyway? To try and capture the human condition in some way?

Farmer’s Market, “at 3rd & Fairfax since ’34”


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