Oh Lindsey

Everyone at work was talking about the 90 day sentence Lindsey Lohan received in court on Tuesday for violating her parole.  Most of the people around me thought that she deserved it and didn’t have much sympathy for the young actress. I wondered, how could the little girl from Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap  suddenly seem abandoned by so many of her fans and the public. I think it has a lot to do with the paparazzi. Photographers go after stars who people want to read about.  They sometimes will do just about anything to get a picture that will sell for millions. This does not help Lohan’s image because photographers looked for her out at parties and anywhere serving alcohol. They sold an image to the public and when that is all you see you start to believe it. Of course the star made several mistakes on her own, but I find it interesting to see how the media aided in leading  her to her current fate and subsequent abandonment.


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