On Monday the public relations class viewed a short documentary by E! News called, Paparazzi Wars: Lindsey, Paris, and Jessica. It dissected the love-hate relationship between celebrities and photographers. The truth of the matter is stars need the paparazzi in order to get into magazines and they often go out in public to generate publicity. The question we discussed in class is should celebrities have privacy from the paparazzi. The majority of the group said yes, they should have privacy rights. I feel for celebrities when the paparazzi take things too far – Take Jennifer Aniston for example, she was sunbathing topless in her gated backyard when a photographer snapped her picture using an extensively long lens. That is too much and when Jennifer Aniston sued for invasion of privacy, she won.

On the other hand, I personally find it difficult to sympathize with certain celebrities when they actively seek out press, and then turn around and complain. I relate it to feeding a starving dog a delicious steak, taking it away, and wondering why you got bit. You are going to get a reaction, which might be a probable reason why photographers get so aggressive. Taking this a step further, if you are going to approach the starving dog, you should have control of the situation and should not tease the animal. That is why I find it smart when celebrities inform paparazzi where they are going to be. It allows more control; in addition, you will likely have a better relationship with the paparazzi because they can get the shot they want and can move on.

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