Turn that frown upside down


I have always learned in my acting classes that making a positive choice and saying “yes” is a far more interesting choice than being negative or saying “no”. This Fourth of July, I was reminded of the power of that statement; particularly its relation to just life itself. It was about 7:00 or 8:00 pm at Laguna Beach, which mind you looked like a scene out of a Where’s Waldo (I never found him), and I was minding my own business, celebrating my country by watching the crazy diverse crowd of people on and off the beach, when I see this man…. Dancing… by himself…. In the ocean.

Now, I know all of you probably have a very specific idea of what comes to your mind when you read that, but I am telling you… I have never seen anyone happier in my life. I have to admit that my friends and I started immediately jumping to conclusions about this man, assuming that he maybe had one too many non-Kosher hotdogs or that this was a big joke and before we knew it we’d see Bob Saget run out from behind a palm tree and tell us we won America’s Funniest Video. Amidst the discussion of what could really be going on with this man, one of my friends said, “Maybe he’s just really happy and loves the ocean.”

The simplicity and also power of that statement struck something in me. Just like I have always been taught that the positive choice is always the more interesting choice in acting, the positive choice is always more interesting in life. This grown man was doing nothing but enjoying his life and was getting the more enjoyment than I’ve even seen seven-year-olds get out of playing in the waves. I now began to see this man and his behavior as a beautiful example of what the phrase “savoring the moment” means. With one year left at Elon I now not only want to graduate as a student of acting and a liberal arts education, but a student of life and the appreciation of life’s simplicities.


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