Woooah we’re halfway there

No I’m not blogging about Bon Jovi.  I’m talking about the fact that Elon in LA 2010 is halfway over!  It’s been a great trip so far.  I’ve learned a lot, seen a lot, and experienced a lot in the 4.5 weeks we’ve been in Los Angeles.  To try to write about everything would require a novel.  But as I have reached the halfway point I found it is time to reflect on some of my favorite parts of the trip, and some of the things I hope to accomplish before leaving.

Here are a few favorites from various topics of LA:

1. Academics – A tough decision to make because we have had a lot of great experiences at the Howard Fine Theater, touring the lot at WB, climbing the mountain behind oakwoods,  and countless guest speakers.  I’m somewhat surprised to hear myself say that my favorite was probably our most recent guest, Nizar Wattad.  I have never been a big writer, but he gave some really interesting suggestions that have opened my eyes to screen writing and the world it is.

2.  Californian experience – I have already blogged about it a little bit, but the topography and natural occurrences of life in California are incredible.  Wildfires, mountain passes, valleys, and plains.  Today there was an earthquake (I wasn’t able to feel it).  Overall this is a different world but it’s been exciting and enjoyable to experience.

3. Trip – Because I have already gone into detail about my trip to San Francisco I will elect another great trip: Manhattan/Santa Monica Beach.  For July 4th I went with a group of 12 or so Elon students to Manhattan Beach for a day of fun and Santa Monica for a nightspent hanging out with friends.

4. Movie Experience – As part of the trip, we have the opportunity to go to movies every Wednesday.  There have been some awesome experiences seeing Charlie Chaplin films at the silent theater, Independent films Micmacs and Cyrus at the Arclight, and a documentary called “The Nature of Existence” at a small movie theater.  I have also gotten to a movie or two on my own.  My favorite movie, and experience however would have to be at the Ford Theater when we saw “The People vs. George Lucas” a documentary entry into the LA Film Festival.

5. In-N-Out Burger – I would say that it was my favorite food I’ve eaten since getting out hear, but that would be a false claim.  Because I have never lived in a place with In-N-Out however, I love the experience of going and have found a great place to get a tasty burger for a fair price (always necessary when living without a steady income).

While there have been many other fun trips and experiences to speak of, these have been some of the most notable and memorable so far.  A few things I hope to do before leaving include:

1.  Visit Hollywood Boulevard and encounter more touristy things in LA.

2. Enter one of our shorts into film festivals and hopefully win one.

3.  Feel the tremor of a light earthquake – you might think I’m crazy but I’ve always wondered what an earthquake felt like and after some of the other students were able to experience one today I’ve become more interested in experiencing a light, non-destructive earthquake.

4.  Go to Disneyland – what can I say?  I’ll always be a kid at heart.

I’m sure the list will continue to grow as I discover more of the little hidden treasures in Los Angeles, but for the time being I am happy to have a short list of things to accomplish.  Time has flown but I am really excited to get the second half of the summer in LA underway.


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