Fun @ TicketWeb!

My first 2 weeks at my internship have been awesome. My boss is super cool and laid back, and I am learning SO much at a very rapid pace. A week ago I had no idea how to design a web page with html, use sales force, or edit videos and photos. And wouldn’t ya know, since working at TicketWeb these short 10 days, I now know how to do all these things! A big event my boss is working on right now is a Club Conference that TicketWeb is throwing in Vegas in August. It is going to be awesome. The guest list consists of all of the biggest club and music venue owners in the US as well as some super sweet bands and DJs. (Next week I will start calling a lot of these people to make sure they RSVP.)

Also, next week TicketWeb is helping the badass online t-shirt company, Threadless, throw a promotional party at a club in LA called Echo. (Everyone in Elon in LA is invited and should come!) There’s going to be super sweet artwork and cool guest DJs.

I’ve been working a lot on They gave me access to update it whenever I want, which is super cool… and trusting… I am hearing good things about the bands MewithoutYou, Mates of State and Miniature Tigers (Bands who we are promoting on our website). I am definitely going to check them out and then maybe blog more about them if they are any good.

Check out: !


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