I hate making names for these things….just read it to find out what it’s about.

You would be surprised at the weight that first impressions carry. I think this past month has really taught me that. At work, I try to smile and say hello to everyone I know…or don’t know…and create a good impression for myself. It seems to be helping quite a lot. But there is one person…one unnamed person….that every time they pass looks at me….awkwardly….no smile….hardly ever…and is not  very nice person….as far as I can tell. So, I make a point to smile and be kind to this person in attempts to spread a little bit of happiness or politeness…and it’s starting to work. Haha. It’s odd, but every time a smile passes this persons lips, it leaves with a little twitch, as if it were not meant to be there. It’s actually quite sad. I wonder what has happened to have made them this way.

So, instead of sitting there and letting this person be me, I smile, and say hello, and be polite in every instance. On the phone I always say “have a nice day!”…in e-mails I always sign my name and say “Thanks!!” (always two exclaimation points). It is who I am, but I think it should become habit for the maority of human kind…and especially those in the entertainment industry.

Hahaha….I found this to be about how I feel sometimes….and it’s pretty friggin funny….



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