“Now tell me that part about Kenny G again…”

       A lot of my friends have been giving me a hard time lately… You see I’ve developed a little problem during the time I’ve been in Los Angeles. Every day I find myself constantly quoting from the movie Clueless! It’s to the point that I am making several references a day. I can’t help it though because one of my favorite movies of all time is finally making sense to me. Until now, I had no idea how many specific California references there were in this movie. When Barrett and I were driving around and choosing our future houses in Beverly Hills, we noticed that the biggest and the nicest houses were north of Sunset Blvd. We immediately laughed and referenced the quote when Josh (Paul Rudd) tells Cher (Alicia Silverstone), “You get upset if anyone says that you live below Sunset.” On an almost daily basis I say, “What’s the point [of parking]? Everywhere you go has valet…” IT’S TRUE! Nearly every place in LA does have valet. But let’s be honest, being in California has even made me start saying the non-California specific quotes from the movie that apply to certain situations. For example, when contemplating whether or not to rent a tennis ball machine at tennis pro shop in Oakwood, all I could think was, “Ms Stoger! That machine is just a law suit waiting to happen!” Or when the gym closed and Glover and I had only worked out for 10 minutes I said, “I doubt I even worked off the calories in a stick of carefree gum.” I’m not the only one guilty of quoting Clueless, though. I’ve caught quite few people on this trip doing it as well. Like last Friday G-love, Laura and I went shopping on Melrose and we passed Fred Segal and Laura said, “Luuucyyyy! Where is my sheer collared shirt for Fred Seeeegallll??!!”

To anyone who hasn’t seen this movie, I strongly recommend it. It might seem girly and dumb, but in truth it is hilarious and an extremely accurate portrayal of California girls and the 90s. As Travis Birkenstock would say, “I give it two very enthusiastic thumbs up for fine holiday fun!”

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