Paparazzi: Friend or Foe?

If you’ve ever read a gossip magazine, read a blog, or watched a show like E! News, then you’ve witnessed the work of the paparazzi.  A question that has been brought up in our PR class is whether or not celebrities deserve a little more privacy from these people.  The hardest part about the question is that as non-celebrities we can’t really understand what it might be like to go out for a bit and be followed with cameras flashing in your face.

What we may not know is that many times these celebrities tell the paparazzi when and where they will be so that they can get a good picture of them. Although many complain about the paparazzi, on the other hand they actually need them to keep their celebrity status afloat.  If a celebrity was totally out of the public’s eye, would we forget about them? I’m certainly not a fan of Heidi and Spencer whatsoever, but I know a lot more about them than I would ever hope to because they are constantly in the public eye.

Although these paparazzi can prove to be obnoxious and invasive to these celebrities’ private lives, it seems to be a love-hate relationship in which these stars actually need these pictures to be taken to keep them famous.

Also, at $250-$1500 for a “good” picture, it’s no wonder that these paparazzi are constantly out and about in Hollywood and L.A. trying to get as many pictures as they can.

For a little more on the paparazzi, here’s how Angelina keeps her children out of the paparazzi spotlight: link

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