I have been someone who has personally struggled not only with the name Fro-Yo, but also the idea that Frozen Yogurt somehow costs 39 cents an ounce.  I’ll admit, I enjoy the occasional frozen dessert, let’s just say I’m more of a Graeter’s Guy.  Here’s my rant.  The most likely part of “the Yo’s” allure is the illusion that it is ‘fat-free.’  This somehow translates to ‘guilt-free’ for the consumer, when in reality theres a LOT to be guilty about.  First, frozen yogurt still retains a large number of calories (mostly carbs), ranging from 225-325 calories per 8 oz serving, not including toppings, and let’s be honest, we all know that’s the best part.  Guess what, the toppings have a Lot of calories.  Second, ‘Fro-Yo’ has a propensity to melt as quickly as a teenage girl at a Jonas Brothers concert.  Honestly, you can’t eat this stuff fast enough.  The last bite, is always soup, which to me = LAME.  If I wanted liquid, I’d grab a milk shake.  Lastly, the name has got to change!  Fro-yo….seriously.  If you ask me, when it comes to frozen desserts there is one kind that stands alone, and that is Graeter’s Ice Cream.  These guys know what they are doing, they deliver a quality product using the best possible ingredients, and man do they come up with the result.  I challenge anyone to find me a better example of ice-cream.  Not only are their portions generous, but the chocolate used in ice cream comes from the oldest known Milk Chocolate producer in the world, and boy is it AMAZING.  When Graeter’s says chocolate-chips they mean chocolate chunks.  In every cup or cone of Graeter’s ice-cream that I have ever eaten, there are at least three chocolate chunks the size of golf balls hidden amongst velvetty, creamy, black raspberry ice cream.  Black raspberry is by far my favorite flavor, and has been for many years, I just can’t get myself to move away from it because it’s SO good.  Graeter’s produces ice cream two gallons at a time using the French Pot method, and there is certainly something to this method versus others.  Honestly the most smooth ice cream you can imagine.  Oprah get’s personal deliveries of this stuff for a reason.  Because it is OFF THE CHAIN GOOD.   And if you’re wondering, it’s definitely not ‘healthy,’ but guess what?!?!?  It’s not trying to be, it’s bad, and sinful, but sometimes that’s the best part of life.  Indulge.  Oh, and huge BTW, my favorite – far superior ice-cream has LESS calories in a half cup, than 8oz. of Fro-Yo.  WOMP!!!


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