Thinking Like a Publicist at the Coffee Bean

When I came to LA I thought I would be seeing celebrities on every corner and reality stars would be my next-door neighbors. Well, from what I can tell, this is what everyone else has been experiencing but NOT ME. So finally on my break from handing out free “Lexus sponsored” popcorn at Outfest (a gay/lesbian film festival, that’s a whole different blog post) I was over at the Coffee Bean and guess who I saw at the restaurant next door…Terrell Owens! Seriously, thank God, I’ve been here for a month already, it’s about time I saw someone recognizable.

So anyway the other day in class we had this great publicist named Lauren Tobin come in and ever since then I’ve been thinking like one. She talked to us a lot about helping people’s images and controlling the fallout from bad press, and for a minute made me want to become a publicist. Just for a minute though. So I’m watching TO sit and eat dinner with his daughter, and I start thinking what a nice guy he looks like. Well for those of you who are not football fans, I’ll tell you TO is quite a controversial player, pissing people off with everything from his general on-field persona to the heap of garbage reality show about his unimpressive life (see: The TO Show….seriously.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this guy that I always viewed as a waste of life immediately got some points in my book for being out at dinner with his daughter. Was it planned by a publicist? No. Is it something that a publicist may ask him to be seen doing more often in times when he’s getting ripped apart in the news? Probably. Even though there’s been no news of him lately, you never know, but the more we learn about this stuff the more it makes you wonder.

You could have got it for free across the street TO, relax.


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