Wriggling Destiny

So, as unethical as it may sound, I have always wanted to try live octopus, and live sashimi as a cultural experience.  Having traveled to Japan when I was 15, I went to a sushi restaurant in Kyoto that served live shrimp and I couldn’t have been more interested.  First of all, the coloration and anatomy of the shrimp itself is astounding, having a ton of spiny legs that flutter about in all directions, its bright red shell elegantly patted with intermittent blotches of white.  The sushi chef cleaning and preparing the shrimp in a matter of seconds, its tail served on a bed of rice, still waving in the air.  After enjoying the shrimp sushi, the head and innards of the shrimp are whisked away and deep-fried, because whats better than raw shrimp tail, SHRIMP BRAINS!!! The fried head is certainly not for the timid, its eyes looking at you on the plate, but luckily you can eat those!  Honestly, shrimp heads are one of my favorite Japanese delicacies, simply based on the complexity of the shrimp flavor, and the pleasant crunch of the shell.  The first bite is always the one that gets me, usually because the innards are literally pouring out of it, which to my western view isn’t the most palatable looking thing in the world.  Nonetheless, I LOVE SHRIMP HEADS.  Always have, and always will.  Hopefully, I can take my enjoyment of seafood to the next level and try the infamous, live octopus.  My Dad had the opportunity to try such an exotic delicacy in Japan, and ever since hearing him talk about it, I’ve always wanted to man up.  The idea of dozens of slimy pulsating tentacles is enough to make even the most adventurous eaters squirm, but here in LA I have my golden opportunity.  Wish me luck, and forgive me vegetarians.  It’s a cultural experience, and thats the bottom line.                                   


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