Hidden Treasures

Los Angeles is a beautiful place with a number of famous attractions.  The Hollywood Sign, the Hollywood Bowl, the Santa Monica Pier, the Roosevelt Hotel, the Staples Center, the Chinese Theater, and the Star Walk are just a few of the many iconic things in LA.  Lately I’ve been reflecting on some of the hidden treasures that LA has to offer and I’ve come up with a small list of places I would suggest to anyone who visits.

1. Bourgeois Pig – I’ve already written an entire blog about it, but after a very productive night spent at the BP working on a script for our final short film, I’ve feel the need to repeat this on the list.  Its a great place to take a breath, and simply write or relax for a couple hours.

2. “Hollywood Hill” – This is not even an official attraction, but rather a hilltop on the side of a winding road that gives one of the best views of the Hollywood sign that I have found since coming to LA.  It’s not really a public place but its not private either.  I have the coordinates of it saved onto my GPS so if you were interested you could ask me sometime and I’d be happy to let you know where to find it.

3. Burbank Holliday Inn Elevator – An elevator you say? That’s right.  The Holliday Inn in Burbank is a very nice hotel first of all; I stayed there for 10 days over winter term this past January.  Coming out to LA, I have revisited the hotel a few times just to ride the elevator to see the sights of the city.  The elevator has a window facing outwards and when one rides it to the top you can see all of Burbank.  It is especially beautiful at night when all of the lights are on.  The Holiday Inn might not be happy to have too many random people stopping by, but you can in fact walk in and go to the elevator without having to get a room for the night so if you find yourself in Burbank with nothing to do I recommend it.

4. Venice Canal Walk – On the West Side of LA, life is a little different.  There are some interesting people and a laid back attitude.  Venice beach is a pretty popular place, but something else I stumbled upon while meeting with my mentor in Venice was the canal walk.  It is a walkway with sidewalks and bridges that literally trace around and over the canal near some very wealthy houses and some beautiful sights.  Another must see if you are a nature lover or simply want to awe at some people’s high standards of living.

5. Carvel on Rodeo – Rodeo drive is in the middle of the Beverly Hills shopping center.  It is an “upper class” place with expensive shops all selling the latest fashions.  At work last week I was sent on a mission to buy a Carvel Cake for an employee who was leaving the office to go to work.  Originally I went to a different Carvel store, but it was closed so I found myself headed for Beverly Hills.  First things first, if you want to get here you will have to brave traffic and pray for a parking spot (that or pay for some expensive valet parking somewhere).  If that doesn’t turn you off, you’re in for a real treat.  I couldn’t spot Carvel from the street but instead I had to head into an outdoor complex, through a garden, and down a spiral staircase where I found myself in a valet parking lot.  In that parking lot was a small Carvel ice cream shop no bigger than a college dorm room.  It was a nice little getaway in the middle of a grand shopping center in Beverly Hills.  Definitely worth stopping by on a hot day.

6. A Tunnel of Purple – Another attraction that I named myself.  On Fairfax Avenue right before the intersection with Venice (coming from Hollywood towards Culver City) there is a short strip where there are some very nice suburban homes with front yards and a neighborhood feel to it.  On the sidewalks are large trees with purple leaves (something we don’t really have in Connecticut).  The trees branches spread from both sides over the top of the road and create a tunnel of purple to drive under.  Any nature lover, or simply someone looking for a beautiful drive should stop through.

I can’t wait to find more hidden treasures along the way as we go through the final 4 weeks of Elon in LA.

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