ESPY Awards

What is cooler than seeing a celebrity in LA?

Seeing one right after another on the Red Carpet! Today, Evann, Matt and I went to the Red Carpet portion of the annual ESPY awards since Evann had won tickets online. We dressed to impress and showed up to the Staples Center (home to the LA Lakers!) early this afternoon to be a part of the pre-show.

The seats we sat in were originally reserved for friends of the ESPN television sports reporter, Erin Andrews, but since they didn’t make it to the show, we had front row seats, right across from where Erin Andrews was conducting all of her interviews with the celebrities and athletes. It also happened to be the perfect spot to wave “hi” to our parents during the on-camera interviews, too!

Despite being outside in the midday heat, the Red Carpet was an amazing experience. We were close enough to the celebrities that we could call their names as they walked by and they would look at us and wave. Brett Favre and I made some pretty strong eye contact and Samuel L. Jackson seemed surprised that I knew his name. We also saw Mark Wahlberg, Zac Efron, Andy Samberg, Kendra and Hank Baskett, Brookyln Decker, Ashley Greene, Evan Lysacek, Apolo Ohno and Landon Donovan amidst all of the talented athletes and celebrities and performers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the pre-show Red Carpet event was over, we left the ESPYS with tickets to the x-games and a skateboard for answering sports trivia, some trendy gift bags and about 200 new photos from our big day!


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