I’m sure you’ve often heard/read about celebrities complaining about the paparazzi following them, bombarding them, stalking them, etc. Here in California, celebrity-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sympathizes with the famous bunch and signed an “anti-paparazzi” bill into law this past October. However, an E! News Special aired in 2007 (I think) argues a different side of this story.

When you flip through a tabloid magazine, you rarely find a picture of an agitated celebrity. So, if they’re being ‘provoked’ for photographs as they claim to be, then how come the photos don’t show their annoyed reactions? This is because no one buys those photos and therefore paparazzi would make no profit from taking those pictures. Paparazzi make those most money off of the ones that celebrities sell themselves.

The paparazzi are even a great tool for the celebrities to use when they’re promoting movies or shows, etc. When they want their name in the press, they purposefully go to places where they know camera’s will be.

One could argue that celebrities need paparazzi to succeed. At least, if that’s the kind of celebrity you want to be. Consider Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton (the 3 women mentioned in the E! News Special). What have they done in the past couple years to be in the tabloids. I suppose Jessica Simpson has a bit of a career left (but barely), but Lindsay’s is in the gutter and honestly, Paris never had one. So why is it that we know where they ate dinner last week, who they’re dating, how much weight they’ve lost/gained…because of the paparazzi. Although, these are the kinds of celebrities they’ve become by taking this route–the kind the public sort of mocks.

However, whether it is good or bad publicity that comes out of a tabloid story or a paparazzi photo, one thing is for certain–don’t be annoyed when they’re chasing you, be worried when they stop.


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