Revelation found in a plate of tabuleh

It's not a Medieval Times rip-off...I didn't see any horses.

I was  reminded last night that great things can happen in the least likely places.

I was craving Greek food – I mean with a boss whose last name is Thomopoulos and constantly talks about Greek food and his big fat Greek family (Ok I made the big and fat part up) – I thought it was appropriate.  Luckily Barrett carries a large black notebook around that holds many secrets… including great restaurants in Burbank… THAT DELIVER.  Anywho, we actually opted to save the delivery option for another special night and went to a Mediterrean/ Greek restaurant called the Knight Restaurant. 

As I was enjoying my Vegetarian Meza plate and constantly being asked by the so-cute-I-could-just-squeeze him owner if Barrett and I were “having fun” I couldn’t help but get sucked into the TV playing above Barretts head.  It was on some sort of Mediterrean MTV (oldschool MTV that actually plays music videos).  I gotta say I first couldn’t stop looking away because there were current “pop” videos of Greek men playing white pianos with women dancing in at least 5 different changes of ridiculous costumes, and my personal favorite, the sauna dance scene.  But after I got over the shock of seeing at least 50 women dance around in towel wraps, Barrett said something very interesting, “What’s amazing is that this is what their traditional music sounds like, just with a beat behind it.  Not in America.  Can you imagine Cole Porter or Stephen Foster with a dance beat behind it on the radio?”

My answer?  No.  But why is it that along with everything else that is totally changing, music is totally changing.  I muuuch rather listen to CCR, the Rolling Stones, or, yes I’m going to say it, Marvin Gaye rather than the same 15 songs that are played on a constant rotation on the radio.  What makes those songs the “popular” music of today?? Because I am pretty sure that if you wanted to spend the time it would take, you could track the influence that the oldies or classic rock has on the crap that’s on the radio today.  But just because that influence is there doesn’t mean that you can hear it.   All of the people reading this who know me, know me for my “old lady music”, but I guess all I’m saying is if it’s not broke don’t fix it.  

Not only do they know how to make a mean tabuleh, but they know that the roots of musical culture will never die.


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