Mad as a Hatter

Imagine seeing Johnny Depp’s face made up to be the Madd Hatter from Alice in Wonderland on the front page of your newspaper? This happened this spring in order to promote the movie and the debate that followed was more than they bargained for.

The problem was mostly because of who is reading that newspaper. The generation most interested in seeing that movie would not be reading the newspaper, so unfortunately this tactic wasn’t as well received as one hoped.  I appreciate the boldness of this advertisement because it definitely caught everyone’s attention and made sure everyone to remember it, but unfortunately they were more scorned for over taking the front page than applauded. However, I also understand that annoyance factor involved in this kind of guerrilla advertising. If I tried to get to my news on the Internet (which is how I always do) and there was pop ups advertising movies all over the place, I would be beyond frustrated.  Although I would probably remember the movie, it would be held in a negative light in my mind and probably would be less interested in going to see the movie.

I’m torn about this way of advertisement because half of me respects taking a chance and doing something new and different, but half of me understands that the public may reject what they don’t expect.


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