Defending The Infamous

Last PR class we did an exercise where we were split up into groups to defend particularly notorious celebrities, as if we were their PR firm. Tyler, Evann, and I were responsible for clearing Lindsay Lohan’s bad name. Although we were fairly successful on getting the theoretical Miss Lohan back on track, I found myself almost constantly wanting to defend myself for defending her.

“I mean, not that I actually think… Well, in real life… it’s not like I’d befriend the girl.”

All of these floating through my head, and I realized I could never be a publicist. As I’ve mentioned after previous classes, I hold celebrities to a high moral standard, and if I think they’re bad people (Mel Gibson), then I don’t feel comfortable trying to clean the messes that they’ve made. I suppose there’s some wiggle room in there, I could be a publicist if I started out an instant financial success, because then I could turn down the Chris Browns of the world.


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