Hello Ladies….(And Gents)

Note: I know I’m not a PR student, but I wanted to comment on this nevertheless!

People have been calling it the smartest ad campaign of the modern age.  And it’s all because of a man in a bath towel.

Advertisers wanting to boost the sells of their product tend to use social media the conventional way: tweeting about their product on Twitter or creating a Facebook page about it that fans can follow.  Old Spice has been getting lots of recognition recently because its advertising campaign has taken the use of social media to a whole new level.  With 34 million views in less than a week, the Old Spice campaign has gone viral and has been hailed as a trailblazer that is changing the way marketers plug for their products in the future.

I think the campaign idea was genius.  Get an attractive model by the name of Isaiah Mustafa to wear nothing but a towel.  Have him greet the target audience with a sexy “Hello Ladies….”  Then have him make personalized YouTube videos in response to tweeters and bloggers (and even celebrities!) answering all sorts of questions. (One fan even asked Mustafa to propose to his girlfriend for him.)  How brilliant is that?  The campaign is unique because it provides a closeness between the marketer and potential buyer unlike anything that has been seen before. It was also a great way of making sure people came back to the YouTube channel, and kept re-associating themselves with the product as they waited to see if they had received a response from the Old Spice Man.  Needless to say, Old Spice deodorant sales have seen a vast increase as a result of this ingenious campaign strategy.

If you guys haven’t seen the Old Spice commercials yet…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? HIDING UNDER A ROCK?? Check out the YouTube channel to see some of the ridiculous and hilarious videos that have been posted.

Old Spice Model, Isaiah Mustafa, in one of his personalized YouTube videos


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