The why?

This week in class we had the opportunity to take a real life crisis and tell the class how we as a publicist would handle it. Interestingly enough, our Hollywood heavyweight teacher Brad Lemack was dealing with a real life crisis of his own at the same time. So, while we sat around trying to figure out what the right course of action would be for our theoretical clients and their outlandish behavior, Brad was thinking about ways to spin the YMCA’s rebranding and name change into something that would not affect his client, The Village People. (For those of you who don’t know, the YMCA has recently decided to make themselves more contemporary by changing their name to, simply, The Y. This decision would undoubtedly affect any band who’s #1 hit single of all time involved the use of all 4 letters of the Y-M-C-A.)

It’s funny to see the ripple affect of one person or one company’s decision and watch how many people need to take action to protect their own interests. We get a taste of it every day in class but you can never quite tell how you would handle a situation until you’re knee deep in it, which makes it particularly necessary to have a teacher who does it daily. Brainstorming about real life problems is the best way to prepare for them, plus I think were all hoping that at some point Brad might start paying us for our input.


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