Post, Blog, Tweet, Watch, LISTEN

This week’s topic in the public relations class was music industry publicity. This is a great chance to talk about my internship with Warner Music Group. I intern in the New Media department at WMG, where most of the projects revolve around Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and Twitter. Awesome, huh? The Internet has definitely changed the landscape of the music industry. Some artists embrace its benefits, while others want nothing to do with it. More specifically, New Media has given the music industry tools that have taken publicity to a whole new level. For example, these tools give artists and publicists the ability to post vlogs (video logs), tweet real-time updates, stream music, keep up with fan-generated content, etc. While these tools keep old fans interested and attract new ones for little to no cost, the music industry is trying to figure out the most effective ways to use New Media.

Most recently, I have been searching YouTube for the best fan-generated videos of WMG artists’ songs. Every month, there are more than 1 billion hits on YouTube videos containing WMG music. Of that number, about 85% are fan-generated videos. Therefore, each month, about 850 million hits are made on the fan-generated videos. How can the music industry use these videos to, ultimately, help sell more music? How can the videos help with publicity? Those are questions the industry is currently trying to answer.

While Lady Gaga is not a WMG artist, this is one of my favorite fan-generated videos, featuring a boy’s piano/vocal cover Paparazzi.


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