iTunes: Friend or foe of the music bizz?

Music. It’s something most of us would say we are passionate about.  As for me, it most definitely is a key aspect of my life.  I constantly have to be listening to it, downloading new songs, and spending way too much time on the iTunes store.  For these reasons, I was very excited to hear about what our speaker, Amanda Cagan, had to say.  For background, Amanda is a music publicist, meaning she represents and has represented a lot of really great bands.  For now, she represents mostly bands in the indie scene.

For the past few years, I have been trying to figure out a way to somehow get into the music industry.  At first I thought about the engineering aspect and then I thought about the law aspect through contracts.  As a senior, however, I have pretty much committed to my strategic communications major.  It was great to hear how I could use this to get into the industry the way that Amanda has.

The most important part of the talk that I found, however, was the importance of not just paying for music, but also for buying ENTIRE albums.  I have a feeling it is not common knowledge to the public the actual impacts of downloading per song.  It gives the artists and those behind the scenes producing the music much less money.  Although I am young, I do remember buying entire CDs and being so excited to listen through the entire thing.  Let’s admit it, you could find some really great songs that would otherwise not have hit the radio.  While iTunes may have helped the issue of illegal downloading, it still gives way for people to simply download the one popular song rather than the album.

Amanda’s talk with us made me truly think about the way in which I buy my music.  I’m pretty confident that from now on when I hear a song I like it will make me want to look into the WHOLE album versus just that one song.

If you love the music industry as much as I do, here are some different points of views on iTunes influence in the business:

The Negative
The Positive


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