The Do Something Awards

On Monday, I was lucky enough to go to the Do Something Awards at the Palladium. Thanks Hopeless, yet again, for being the best internship ever. Natalie, Melissa, Erin and I snickered and pointed at all the famous people and watched as celebrities and incredible kids receive awards for doing their part in making the world a better place. Jane Lynch hosted the event and was hysterical. It’s safe to say that my celebrity sightings skyrocketed Monday night. I was in the same room as Snoop. Unreal.

Joe Jonas accepting an award on behalf of his brothers.

Most importantly, the awards focused on contributing to the betterment of the world and the young people who were in the running for $100,000 towards their cause were understatedly inspiring. There were moments where I could feel my eyes watering, like when finalist Jacqueline Murekatete recounted the loss of her family and extended family in the genocide in Rwanda. Her strength is incredible, as is her determination to take the anger she has for the harm that destroyed her family and do her best to prevent another terrible incident.

The winner of the $100,000 went to Jessica Posner (no relation to Mike Posner, I don’t think…). Posner co-founded The Kibera School for Girls and the Shining Hope Community Center to attempt and secure gender equality for women in Kibera. Girl spent her time abroad doing something productive. Really though, every one of those finalists under 25 are doing incredible things with their lives. I wish they gave every one of those kids $100k.


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