How many times have you downloaded a song online for free even though you knew it was illegal? It’s something that many people do without a second thought because there are no immediate repercussions so it seems as though you’re only gaining something by doing it. However, this kind of behavior has cost the music industry lots of money and has forced them to change their way of doing business. Although iTunes has helped revive it a little bit, it is still difficult to get people to buy full records and now they are having difficulty bringing in crowds to concerts. The LA Times wrote–
“It’s brutal out there,” said Jordan Kurland, manager of such alternative music acts as Death Cab For Cutie, She & Him and Say Anything. “The economy is still not great and there’s a lot of distractions people can choose from. Going to big rock concerts is not one of them.”

So how does the music industry thrive now? Time to start thinking outside the box. Making T-shirts, hats, buttons and all other paraphernalia isn’t all the expensive, so selling those gets some profit. Lots of bands have resorted to selling these at concerts rather than their CDs to make money. Some bands have put their music on the internet and allowed listeners to pick their price. It’s a rough time for the industry but music will most likely always be something people want to have, so it may be changing but it is not disappearing.

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